Pundit Talk: Can Batman and Robin Coexist?

batman and robin

NBA duos are often analyzed and talked about with regards to their ability to coexist.  A lot of times they are compared to “Batman” and “Robin” referring to who’s the leader and who’s the sidekick.  All of this is common knowledge.  BUT did you know that superheros (specifically Batman and Robin) are also analyzed by pundits?  And did you also know these super hero analyst actually use NBA players to compare Batman and Robin?  Super ironic.  Below are some transcripts we’ve collected.  Take a look for yourself.


November 2, 2013 – 9:20 a.m.

KD RUSS Batman Robin

“I’m telling you guys.  I look at this duo and I can’t lie to myself any longer.  The situation in Gotham has gone from bad to worse. Robin keeps acting like he’s the Kevin Durant of the group and Batman is the Russell Westbrook!  This is a recipe for disaster.  These stats say it all.  Two more punches thrown by Robin.  Eight more “WHAMS!” by Robin.  And the list goes on and on.  You want the truth of the situation?  Alfred continues to allow this and it may seem drastic, but I may throw Batgirl in at the end of the fight to close the case.  I’m just saying.  Batman needs to demand the criminal more!   He’s, by far, the best case closer of the group.  Some even say he’s the best case closer in any group!  I’m sorry but until Robin realizes that he’s Russell Westbrook and NOT Kevin Durant, then I’m not sure this duo can coexist.”



November 18, 2013 – 11:52 a.m.

lbj dwade batman

“I sit here, shocked beyond belief.  Once again!  Robin acts like he’s the LeBron of this duo.  This is getting out of hand and you know what’s the worst part? Batman is just standing there letting him lose these fights for him!  He’s not even trying to get the criminal!  He just stands on the wing of the plane like a sidekick and watches Robin swing and miss. Batman They WILL NOT succeed in Gotham if this continues to happen.  Batman has to stop acting like he’s the Dwyane Wade.   He has to step it up and fight like he’s the LeBron.  Batman HAS to DEMAND the criminal more.  I’m tellin’ you!  This is going south, in a hurry.  Robin acts like he’s LeBron and it’s affecting them on and off the crime scene.  In the 4 o’clock hour of the night, Robin had 9 more kicks and 12 more “ZINGS!” than Batman!   I can’t believe what I’m seeing here!  And Commissioner Gordon is allowing this!  I’m telling you, this duo is going to crash and burn as long as this keeps up.”



November 29, 2013 – 10:34 a.m.

mj pippen batman

“You know what.  I was sitting in kitchen last night, watching these two fight Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy and I realized that I might be wrong about this whole thing.  It’s clear when Robin got hurt that Batman couldn’t close cases on his own.  He needs Robin and I’m starting to thing that Robin is the Michael Jordan of this group.  That’s right, I’m saying it! And Batman is acting like a Scottie Pippen!  I’m just stating facts here.  Consistently, Robin has been the case closer night in and night out.  Averaging more head butts and twice as many “SPLATS AND BIFFS!”  It’s become clear to me that the heart and soul of Gotham comes from Robin.  I can’t lie to myself anymore.  Robin is the MJ.  Robin is the closer.  Batman has become this sidekick and the Scottie.  I never thought I’d ever say that but it’s the truth.” 


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