The NBA is Fixed


Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey looked optimistic while speaking to the media on Monday.

“It’s important we win.” Casey said in reference to game two of the series between his Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets.

Sorry, Dwane. That’s not going to happen today.

The NBA is much closer to a theatrical performance rather than a competitive sport. The league appears to be on a very disturbing path that chases after it’s own personal gain over healthy competition. This is much more than a theory. We hired a third party research company to get to the bottom of the NBA’s clear bias towards certain teams. The trends that were found over the past decade were nothing short of alarming. In most cases, popularity seemed to equate to success in the NBA. Sure, the league could pass these results off as “coincidence” but I’m not buying it.

Take a look at the findings below and decide for yourself.

  • LeBron James, the most popular player in the NBA,  just happens to be the best player in the NBA.
  • The Miami Heat, the most popular team in the NBA, just happens to be on the best team in the NBA.
  • Kevin Durant, the second most popular player in the NBA, just happened to have the best season by an individual player.
  • The Miami Heat, the best team in the NBA, just happens to win an awful lot of games and be the current NBA champion.
  • Kevin Durant, the player with the best individual season, just happens to be considered the heavy favorite in MVP voting.
  • LeBron James, the best player in the NBA, just happens to be on the cover of NBA2K14.
  • LeBron James and Kevin Durant, the two most popular players in the NBA just happen to have the most jerseys sales in the NBA.

You might want to be sitting for this last one.

  • Ten out of the last ten NBA champions just happen to be the best teams in the league in their respective championship year.

Disturbing? Sure. Surprising? Not at all. So what can the Raptors do to win the next game, series, or even championship, when they don’t have the best player in the NBA, the best team in the NBA, or the most popular player in the NBA?

This is the playoffs… We can’t use the referees as an excuse.” said point guard Greivis Vasquez.

Vasquez is absolutely right, even though he has every right to use the refs as an excuse, he shouldn’t. Vasquez and the rest of his Raptors squad will need to do accept their unfortunate fate and attempt the unthinkable.

Play better than the other team.



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