Potential Clipper Buyers



With Donald Sterling banned for life, potential buyers are lining up to buy the Clippers. Here are Ballerball’s suggestions on who should buy the Clippers.

Preston Waters

He has 1 Million Dollars! Granted he might need a bit more to buy the Clippers but if he can take 1 million dollars and stretch it to buy a castle house, a water slide, a go kart track and a limo; he obviously has some shrewd business skills.

Sabine 1

Tony Stark

Can you imagine him and Mark Cuban at the Board of Governors Meetings? Also the side bets that would occur during Mavericks /Clippers games would be amazing.

Sabine 2


The Kardashians

Sabine 4

They’ve already been married to Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom; they can use the Clippers as a feeder system. Also are Kris Humphries and Kris Jenner the only people to spell their names “Kris?” Sometimes it’s so hard to keep up with this family.


Bruce Wayne

Sabine 3

He’s not the owner the NBA wants but he’s the owner the NBA needs.

C Montgomery Burns

Sabine 5

He tried to block out the sun and he’d still be better than Sterling.

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  • Reply May 1, 2014


    Preston Waters may not be able to afford the Clippers, but I bet his mysterious, older boss, Mr. MacIntosh, would have no problem ponying up the cash.

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