Point – Counterpoint: Will the Sixers Win Again?

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As the NBA turns the corners and chugs down its home stretch towards the playoff, the entire league is gripped by one question: will the 76ers win another game? Owners of a 15 game losing streak and the league’s worst point differential (-11.2 and climbing), the prospect of the Sixers ending the season on a 36 game winless streak seems more real every day. Here at Ballerball, we have embraced the screaming voices in our head and present: “Point – Counterpoint: Are the Sixers Done Winning?”

Point: The Sixers won ZERO GAMES in February. Granted, it’s a short month. But, it’s a whole month of no-winning. That’s awful.

Counterpoint: They play the Knicks on Friday, March 21. When an immovable object of wretchedness meets an irresistible force of stink, somebody must accidentally win.

Point: The team traded its two best veterans – Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes – for Danny Granger and a bunch of second round picks. They then proceeded to cut Granger and acquire the albatross known as Byron Mullens and his poop-bomb 10.63 PER.

Counterpoint: In 8th grade, my middle school team beat a school called Old Trail 60-8. Their point guard looked like Elmer Fudd and their center weighed 120 pounds and wore Rec Specs on top of his glasses. They were the saddest excuse for a basketball team I’ve ever seen, and even they managed to come into that game carrying a 1-15 record.

Point: Two weeks ago, the Sixers lost at home to the 24-38 Cleveland Cavs 114-85. Tyler Zeller – take a second to process that we’re talking about Tyler Zeller – went for 18 points and 15 rebounds against the Sixers’ front court. Ty. Ler. Zell. Er.

Counterpoint: The Maccabees thought they only had enough oil for one day but it actually lasted for eight days, and they were able to defeat the Syrians, and now we have Hannukah. So anything is possible.

Point: In their most recent loss, a 33 point beatdown by the Thunder, the Sixers allowed Russell Westrbook to log a triple-double in just 20 minutes, and Kevin Durant scored 42 in only 33. Hollis Thompson – who I had to Wikipedia – started for Philadelphia in that game. Hol. Lis. Thomp. Son.

Counterpoint: Because one time Danny beat Kevin on his bike down Cherry Hill:

Point: The “Little Giants” weren’t starting Hollis Thompson.

Counterpoint: Yea, they probably won’t win again.

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