Playoffs Three for One Special!


Welcome to the third round of the playoffs where the NBA is action packed with news. First off, the ones and twos from each division battle for their chance to advance to the NBA Finals.  Off the court we already have coaching changes and trade demands.  Exciting times, indeed. Due to an overload of news, we’re giving you three stories in one.  Enjoy!


1. Evan Turner’s Prescription

Evan Turner was sick during game one of the Eastern Conference playoffs, where the Pacers defeated the Heat 106-97.  After the game, the Pacers required Turner to visit the team doctor to receive treatment. Below is his prescription.

Evan Turner Prescription


2. Vinny Del Negro is Not Interested in Knicks Head Coaching Job

Vinny Del Negro

Even though nobody asked, Vinny Del Negry wanted to make it perfectly clear that he was not interested in the open Knicks position for head coach.

“That Knicks job? Not for me.  NOT FOR ME!” shouted Vinny from a street corner.

Vinny then strolled over to a payphone and called the Knicks ticket office and demanded to speak to ‘Philly.’  When Vinny’s request was declined, he told the ticketing agent to pass along a message that states, “No way in hell!”

“Who’s that man?” asked a nearby little girl.

The mother grabbed the little girl’s hand and replied, “a bad man.”

Vinny then put his arms out like a monster and chased them down the street.


3. Marcin Gortat’s Garden State Soundtrack Power Rankings


The bad news: The Wizards were eliminated from the playoffs. The good news: It’s the offseason, which means Marcin Gortat can go back to what he does best; power ranking the songs on the Garden State soundtrack. His rankings are below:

May 19, 2014

1. “Let Go” by Frou Frou (Last Rank: 1) – This classic continues it’s reign on the top of the rankings. Never gets old.
2. “Blue Eyes” by Cary Brothers (Last Rank:7) – Who saw this coming? I didn’t like this song at first. I thought it was a girly song at first, but It’s really grown on me.
3. ” Caring is Creepy” by The Shins (Last Rank: 2) – This one dropped a spot after failing to reach me on an emotional level after we were eliminated from the playoffs.
4. “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine (Last Rank: 4) – Solid jam. Grand Master Braff definitely knew what he was doing by placing this song on the record.
5. “New Slang” by The Shins (Last Rank: 8) – We have a first! There have never been two songs from the same band in the top 5. Congrats, Shins! Great song.

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