Playoff Juice 2.0


Your quick catch up on all things NBA!

  • Mike Brown was fired as head coach by the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time in four years which means he’s one firing away from a free JJBLT at any participating Cleveland-area Jimmy John’s!
  • In order to help Steve Kerr with his decision NBATV is filmed a reality show called “East Meets West”. In the show, Kerr was wooed by representatives from San Francisco and New York – to convince him to come to their cities (and find true love along the way).
  • The NBA approved the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million dollars. Before approving Adam Silver asked, “You guys know you are buying the Bucks, right? The team with the moose mascot. At least I think it’s a moose. It’s not? A deer? Whatever… you want THAT deer team? You do?? Whateverrr.”
  • This has been an exciting playoffs on court and off. Feeling left out, NBA referees took part in the fun by reminded everyone they exist during Game 5 of the Clippers/Thunder series.
  • Because of the success of “Timber” (Playoff Edition) Pitbull is going to release Timbers for Hockey & Baseball where he adds the words “Hockey” and “Baseball”, respectively. TNT also convinced him to do a “Castle” edition to help boost that show’s ratings.
  • Turns out the Spurs are really good. Here is a video of Shawn Michaels super kicking a mascot.

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