Playoff Juice: May 19-May 25


Your quick catch-up on all things NBA.


  • After Frank Vogel did not play Hibbert on the last play of Indiana’s last second loss in game one, Vogel has to decided to play him all 48 minutes every game for the rest of the playoffs.

  • With the Cleveland Cavaliers winning their 3rd NBA lottery in 10 years, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert was asked what his secret to luck was. Gilbert replied, “Its easy I send my son to the lottery and tell him to dress up like the Six Flags Old Man. Works every time.”

  • The Memphis Grizzlies, down 2-0 to the San Antonio Spurs are having trouble scoring, averaging only 93 points per game are on the record wishing they had an athletic wing Rudy Gay-esque scorer on their roster.


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