PG-13 and Other Numerical Nicknames

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game Six

Paul George just changed his number to 13 so he can be called “PG-13”.  Ballerball has some suggestions for other players (past & present) to ensure them a cooler name/number synergy


Kenneth Faried/451= Faried 451

How cool would it be if Faried changed his number to reflect the dystopian Bradbury novel?

kenneth faried


Herb Williams/11 = 11 Herbs and Spices

This guy almost played 20 seasons!

herb williams


Jared Dudley/07= JD 07 or Jack Daniels Old 07

This one is just fun and probably sends the wrong message to the kids but less wrong than AK-47.


NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers


Brian Roberts/31= Baskets Roberts 31 flavors

I don’t know what this even means.



David West/66= Route 66

Route 66 heads West. Grasping at straws.

david west


Mike Dunleavy Jr./64. MJD 64.

Dunleavy’s middle name is Joseph. There is a Beer called MGD 64. “J” and “G” sound similar. This might be a cry for help.

mike dunleavy


Wayne Ellington/40= WE-40

Like WD-40? I don’t think its too late to apply to Grad Schools.

wayne ellington


Kevin Love/9 = Love Potion #9.


kevin love

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