Pau Gasol: The Smiling Protector


On Sunday afternoon, the above picture was snapped of Pau Gasol as he was attempting to protect the rim against Blake Griffin.  The picture looks photoshopped but I assure you that it’s very real.

Pau’s reaction doesn’t surprise me one single bit.

The truth is, I used to be friends with Gasol and anytime there was a camera around, he would just start hamming it up – completely losing focus of the things he’s supposed to be watching over.

I’d ask him to do things like…

“Hey Pau. Please makes sure nobody steals my lunch.”

Fridge Final


And he’d just smile because someone had a camera.  Then I’d ask him to do some more serious stuff like…

“Hey Pau. Could you please make sure that nobody breaks into my house?”

Pau House Steal Final


Who am I kidding though?  Pau is a terrible guard.  I remember the time I had asked him…

“Hey Pau.  I know there is a security camera but it would be great if you could try not to let anyone steal my jewels from the jewelry store?”

Jewelry Robbery Final



“Hey Pau.  Do you mind making sure Bill Murray doesn’t steal my bike?”

Bill Murray Final



“Hey Pau.  Can you please try not to let a monkey take my puppy?”

monkey stealing dog


He still laughs.  I even asked him for emotional stuff like…

“Hey Pau.  Would you please protect my heart?”

Heart Stealing


As you can see, Pau is all smiles without a care in the world for the things he’s meant to protect.

So if you are planning on asking Pau to protect something for you,  I suggest you put the cameras away.


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