Otto Porter Thinks About His Team’s Chances at the Title

otto porter


After logging a DNP in the Wizards’ game 1win against the Indiana Pacers, the third pick of last year’s NBA Draft, Otto Porter, answered a few questions.

What do you think about the Wizards’ chances in the series?
We got to play our game, for sure. We played great tonight, I even got some meaningful action.

You did?
Yeah, I winked at this girl in the stands and she came right over when the game was up and told me to DM her on Insta. I also swung a towel in a circle for a good solid 10 minutes.

Yeah, but what about the Pacers?
For sure, for sure. You know we played great tonight, but we could probably use another point guard off the bench, maybe a real firecracker. A go-getter. A wild card, you know to throw them a different look. Maybe somebody like my boy Trey Burke.

But you still think you can beat the Pacers?
For sure, for sure. I’m just worried about our depth at center. I was about to call up my main bro–you know Alex Len–right?

He was good at Maryland.
Yeah, he’s from around here like me! Or you know who else?

Nah, tell me.
Steven Adams. He knocks people out and stuff. We need some of that. Some more Zarditude.

Yeah. Cool, right? That came to me when I sat on the bench for 50 games this year.

But what about your long-term chances at the title?
Ballhandling is big for us. Bradley, he does his thing, John Wall does his thing, but we need some more handle. You ever heard of this cat, Michael Carter-Williams?

Yes, I’ve heard of him.
He’s good, you know? I would just be sitting here watching him, swinging my towel and he’s making crazy passes and running the whole Sixers shebang. I’m no GM except for like on NBA 2k14 where I’ve taken 7 teams through dynasty mode staying up late when I’m supposed to be watching tape for games I won’t play in, but on that game, he guards multiple positions! And I think he could do it for real. That boy is as tall as me, like 6’8″ and I can’t do anything like him!

I think we’re all aware, Otto.

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