Other Things That Turned Out To Be Pretty Good

Philadelphia 76ers Media Day

The Philadelphia 76ers were supposed to be terrible this year. At the beginning of the season Vegas gave them the odds of 9999-1 to win the title. They haven’t reached their salary minimum. They have Jason Richardson on their team. They should be terrible. They are 3-0 and just beat your Chicago Bulls. In honor of the Philadelphia 76ers, here is a list of things that were supposed to be terrible but turned out to be pretty good.


1. National Treasure

Its a movie about treasure maps and history, starring Nic Cage. Like, it stars A LOT of Nic Cage. It should be god awful but by the smartphone of JR Smith, it’s actually pretty good. Now every time I enter a government building I start looking for maps and clues, and I’m usually escorted out. I am not welcome in the Cook County Chamber of Commerce anymore. I regret nothing. The Secret Lies with Charlotte.


2. Heliocentrism

This is the belief that the planets revolve around the Sun. People hated this more the Golden State Sleeved Jerseys. Galileo was arrested for believing in this. Now I’m not a doctor, but it turns out the Earth does revolve around the Sun. And just like people jumping on the Spencer Hawes bandwagon, the Catholic Church finally jumped on the Heliocentric Bandwagon.


3. That One Match.com Date You Went On

You were exhausted from work. It was a Thursday night.  Their picture is them with their dog. You just went on, like, three bad Match.com dates. You were appropriately not thrilled about going on this date. In fact, you were dreading this date like Brandon Jennings dreads a film session. But spoiler alert- it was great! The person is nice and funny and their cousin was in the same dorm as your best friend! You guys stay out till 2:00 am on a school night and you already have plans to go see Gravity together. It’s love. For like  three months.

Huge congrats to the 76ers for actually embracing the spirit of Sports and trying to win, and put a good product on the court for their fans. Too often cynical basketball insiders try to root for tanking or salary cap moves as opposed to fun winning basketball. The only down side is now we have to deal with people telling us they “knew” Michael Carter Williams was going to be a star.


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    Miley Cyrus and wrecking balls.

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