More NBA Brothers Named Cliff



As everyone already knows, Chris Paul has a long lost twin brother named Cliff Paul who helps people by selling insurance.  What you probably DON’T know is there are a few other NBA players with long lost twin brothers named Cliff who like  to help people. .  It’s a crazy world we live in, folks.


Cliff Copeland – Lifeguard

cliff copeland

Who is Cliff Copeland? 

Cliff Copeland is an excellent lifeguard at the Triple Tree Parks Swimming Center.  He takes his job extremely seriously. While most people stay safe when Cliff is on duty, there have been at least 3 potential drownings under Cliff’s watch in the past month.  Apparently when someone gets next to him on the Lifeguard stand he boxes them out into the water.

Cliff’s Own Words:  “Lives are important, but really it’s all about the effort.  If 50 people die on my watch, and I give it my all… I’ll sleep like a baby.  ”


Cliff Anderson: Pilot

cliff anderson

Who is Cliff Anderson?

Distinguished and fresh off his sabbatical for making a “this thing is going down” joke over the intercom system, Cliff Anderson is one of the finest pilots that’s ever met the air.  He is so well respected that he goes by the nickname, “Plane Man.”

Cliff’s Own Words: “A man is only as powerful as the altitude in which he’s willing to try and make love.”


Cliff Humphries – American Eagle Employee

cliff humphries

Who is Cliff Humphries? 

A badass, for starters.  Nobody dominates the retail market like Cliff Humphries.  He can fold a shirt perfectly in under three tries and always gives the very best of greetings.  Don’t come in looking “janky” as Cliff puts it.  He will call you out, laugh about it and then try to sell you American Eagle’s new line of “Faded Tattered Jeans.”

Cliff’s Own Words: “Try on our new “Wrinkle Free Casual Dress Shirt” and everyone will be asking YOU where the Bacardi Party is at! Hahaha”


Cliff Bosh: Film Critic

cliff bosh

Who is Cliff Bosh

The 4th most popular film critic in all of Lubbock, Texas.  Cliff has a knack for going against the grain when it comes to movies.  When we say “against the grain” we mean, he has yet to give a positive movie review since 2008’s “The Dark Knight.”  When asked why that is, he simply stated that he wanted to show us a magic trick.

Cliff’s Own Words: “A movie either dies well or it lives long enough to see itself become a sucky movie.”


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