Operation Salvation



Saturday Night, May 4, 11:43pm

With the Los Angeles Clippers losing to the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers being swept by the San Antonio Spurs, the chess board is set.

Mark Cuban sits in his Dallas mansion petting a baby albino Bengal tiger while feeding his sharks. Mark nods to Donnie Nelson. Donnie nods back and hits “send” on his cell phone. A text message is sent to Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. All it says is “Let’s Win Championships”.

Operation Salvation is in effect.

Dirk Nowitzki, who has been playing the piano in the corner, shoots a look at Mark. Mark responds with a look that says “Patience.” Mark knows it’s a long shot but, hell, so was becoming a billionaire. So was beating the Miami Heat in 2011. Mark lives for long shots.

Donny walks over and pours three glasses of Leeds’ Whiskey from a bottle that was on the Titanic and hands Dirk and Mark their respective glass. All three men raise their glasses and give each other a hopeful yet pensive look. They down their perfect whiskey and throw the glasses on the ground, the glass shattering around their bare feet.

They know the odds of Dwight and Chris coming to Dallas are low, but they don’t care. The difference between a man and a beast is that a man lets destiny think she is calling the shots, while a beast tries to fight to change destiny. A man knows to never fight with destiny. It’s a dance.

Tonight, in the blue glow of a shark tank, the smell of 100 year old whisky and hope in the air, shattered glass blanketing the ground, Mark, Donnie, and Dirk decide to be men.

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    People in Dallas still want Dwight after seeing him this season?

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