“Oh yeah, its over!”


“Oh yeah,  it’s over!” said by that guy you work with this morning.

 Despite only watching 3 NBA games a year (all on Christmas to avoid his wife’s family), that guy you work with knows that this series is “pretty much over.”

He also added, “Look, Michael never had a bad game EVER. Lebron is not Michael,” despite no one bringing up Michael Jordan.

Then, unprompted, the same guy added, “Also Kobe is selfish and not like Jordan.” When you tried to go to the bathroom to get away from him,  he followed you and said “Michael Jordan never went to the bathroom!”

When you bring up that the Spurs also were blown out in game 2 and came back that guy screamed, “YOU ARE NOT MICHAEL JORDAN. THIS SERIES IS OVER! LEBRON IS A BABY!!”

He then stole your coffee and drank it like Gatorade and burnt his lip and tongue.


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