Nuggets – Lakers Box Score Recap


I did not watch a moment – nor have I seen a single highlight – from yesterday’s Lakers – Nuggets game. Based on nothing more than a quick glance at the box score, here are some observations.

1. Timofey Mozgov, Nate Rob, and Evan Fournier 21, 20, and 25 minutes respectively. They combined for 53 points on 20-31 shooting (5-9 on 3s), while adding 19 rebounds, 9 assists, & 5 steals. The Nuggets went +20, +16, and +21 while they were on the floor. This is like when Pacino, James Caan, & Robert Duvall were all nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Godfather. Or like when DeNiro, Michael Gazzo, and Lee Strasberg were all nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Godfather II. The point is, go back and re-watch The Godfather movies: the supporting acting is incredible.

2. Jordan Hamilton, Quincy Miller and Anthony Randolph all got three minutes of burn in a 20 point blowout, and each managed to get a shot up. This could be called the “Chandler Goodman Freshman Basketball Special.”

3. 5 years ago today, the Lakers starters against the New Orleans Hornets included Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, and Trevor Ariza, with Lamar Odom serving as 6th man. Tonight,  Robert Sacre, Kendall Marshall, Wesley Johnson and Jodie Meeks combining to be outscored by 1,000 points. How the mighty fall.

4. Speaking of 6th men, is there any surer sign that your team is going to lose by 22 than Shawne Williams popping off the bench & jacking up six 3s in 11 minutes?

5. Kendall Marshall may – and probably should – be in Europe at this time next year. Before he goes, I hope he destroys every idea we have about the value of assist totals.

6. Swaggy P’s stat lines: crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle.


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