Nick Young’s Nightmare Analysis

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Nick Young asked if he could do some analysis for the site.  Naturally, we allowed it.  Below are his words.


Wudddup! It’s Swaggy P. – straight from the L.A. scene – living that Laker dream – reppin all those who shoot from 16 feet…… or “Nick Young” as my parents call me.  Parents are so lame, am I right?  Haha.  I’m so crazy.  Anyways, big shout-out to these guys for letting me give some analysis as to why I think the Lakers will make the playoffs.  I was going to do this last week, but I’ve been having some crazy nightmares lately.  They’ve kept me up all night long (all niiight)!  Who sings that?   Doesn’t matter.

Some say dreams come from what you think about during the day… which is stupid cuz all I think about are GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS… RIGHT FELLAAAAAS!  Hahaha.  Haha.  Ha.  Aaaanyways.

So here’s my analysis.  We’re going to look at a few shot charts to see what our strengths are and where we can improve.  Check out this first shot chart.  It shows that while we are doing pretty good, there is most definitely some room to grow.



Shot Chart Gif 1



Did you guys see that?

Ah… My mind is playin’ tricks again.  Silly mind!  Tricks are for David Blaine!   LOLOLOL!

So let’s check out this second shot distribution chart.  This makes me feel pretty good.  Again, I know for myself that I can always get better.  My forte is shooting and clearly I am the world’s greatest.  But I can always be a better distributor.  Just take a look for yourself.



Shot Chart Gif 2



Whoa… ok ok ok.  Ya’ll see that?  That time, I definitely saw something.   Seriously, what the hell?   And did you guys feel anyone breathing on your neck?  Haha… me neither.  I just know I saw something.  Dang… get it together, Swaggy.

Alright.  Last shot chart.  This one shows where we’ve taken each and every shot this season.  Technology is crazy, am I right?!  I love being able to pinpoint where I need to improve my game.  See I’m a humble guy and while I know I’m the best there ever was/is/will be, I can always try to get better.  For instance,  I can absolutely see that I could be shooting more from just inside that 3 point line.  Without a doubt.  Take a look.



Shot Chart Gif 3


HOLY !&*(&@*!(*()@!_  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT!!!!!!!!???!!!


So… uh… that was my analysis.  If anyone needs me – AH! –  I’ll just be rocking back and forth in the corner – KOBE NO! –  of the Lakers practice facility.  Swaggy Out.

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