Nick Young’s MVP Speech… You Know, Just In Case

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers-Media Day

Kevin Durant is our 2013-2014 regular season MVP and gave an unforgettable speech at his acceptance ceremony. This was an honor everyone knew he would get, everyone except Nick Young, who hadn’t taken his own name out of the possible candidates to win the award.

We have obtained a copy of the moving speech Nick Young wrote, just in case he would have won. Below are his exact words.


[I humbly walks on stage and waves]

Wow. Thank you.  Thank you. No… You! Haha. Wow, Mr. President?  You came? Haha. Alright please, have a seat. I’m being real, have a seat. That means you, Oprah!  Haha. Seriously, thank you all so much.

I don’t know where to start. Man, this is too much. I wasn’t even supposed to be here… as in, I already bought tickets to see Transcendence which starts in a couple minutes so yeah, this is preeeetty special.

I want to thank some people that have been important in my life. I’ll try not to cry.

  • Jennifer Lawrence – Man, you’re so beautiful and strong. Your strength in the Fire Games: Catching Hunger got me through. Thank you.
  • Hootie – I don’t know your real name but I still get you. That time you covered Wagon Wheel… sorry [Wipe away tears from my eyes]… man I remember that stuff. I appreciate you.
  • The judges on the Voice – All you guys guided so many different vocalists with your expertise. That’s touching as hell and I feel that if I went there, you’d turn your chairs for me. So thank you.
  • Yoshi on Mario Kart – So many times I used your character… I don’t know why I’m crying so much… I used your character to beat my friends who think they’re better than me. We always win Rainbow Road together and that’s a bond you can’t break. I love you, man.

And now to my family…

  • The late King Joffrey Baratheon –  Rest your soul. I felt we were both so misunderstood in so many ways.  Complex men can’t be put in a bottle… and you reminded me of that.
  • Brenden Gleeson – You’re performance in ‘The Guard’ was so underrated and moving. You never get enough credit just like me. I got mine. Now it’s time for you to get yours.  Stay humble, my friend.
  • Ariana Huffington – You made it even though no one can understand you. I appreciate the late night text notifications that your website sends when a new story comes out. I can’t thank you enough.
  • Chuckie from Rugrats – We made it!  They used to call us fraid-e-cats but we kept going.  I… hold on [fan away the tears from my eyes]… I always knew you’d come out on top. You inspire me and I appreciate you.


I want to thank… this is tough… I want to thank Tim Riggins. You came from so little and never stopped fighting. You showed me that no man is perfect even though we should all strive to be. Lyla has no idea what she left behind. You’ll show her one day, man. We both will. You’re the real MVP

[I sob uncontrollably for sixteen minutes straight]

Sorry. Anyways, thank you all for coming. I feel like I’ve grown so much as a man, a basketball player and a Mario Kart player. I couldn’t have done this without any of you. Thank you so much. Swaggy loves you!


*Not really Swaggy

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