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The NBA is the gold standard for innovative sports merchandise. Just one browse through and you’ll be temped to check out with hundreds of dollars worth of your favorite team’s swag. Make no mistake about it, the hottest trends live on

This point has been proven once again with the release of a brand new line of NBA gear called “Hands High” apparel.

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“Throw your hands in the air and celebrate every time your favorite team scores with this pullover hoodie from Hands High. It features a unique design with quality graphics at the chest and underarms so everyone can see who you’re cheering for!”

Think about it. For years you’ve been high-fiving friends, finger banging the sky and flipping the bird to a recently ejected Joakim Noahs, without anyone knowing which team you represent. THIS ENDS TODAY. No more thumbs up to total strangers or raising your hands to the heavens in pure agony after the love of your life (the one who made you kill… younglings) is taken from you, without the entire galaxy seeing who your #squad is.


I woke up this morning with peace in my heart. As I stared into the ocean, I was reminded that my son would never need to live in a world that didn’t have shirts with NBA logos in the armpit area. And for the first time in 7 years, I smiled. Thank you,

But why stop there?

Ballerball has been given an exclusive sneak peek into the NBA’s new venture called the “Spread Wide” collection. You’ll want to get your wallets out for this. Once again, according to

“Spread those legs and invite him or her in…to celebrate every time your favorite team scores with these pants from “Spread Wide”. It features a unique design with quality graphics at the upper inner thigh so everyone can see who you’re cheering for (and what you’re down for *wink emoji*)!”


Be sure to check out Ballerball, and for exclusive “Spread Wide” apparel.

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