NBA YouTube Art: T’infilo! Kevin Durant is Italian Philip Seymour Hoffman

Oklahoma City Thunder v Boston Celtics


I know.

How in the world are we going to make sense of this outrageous connection?  Well, we aren’t but YouTube User and artistic phenom, Matteo Ottella, certainly will.   Let me explain…

Remember that scene from Along Came Polly where Philip Seymour Hoffman shouts different variations of “Rainman” while horribly missing all of his shots?  Well, Matteo Ottella does.

Also,  remember when you said to yourself, “Hoffman is great and all, but I want to see a mix of Kevin Durant missing a bunch of shots while also shouting different variations of “Rain Man!” Only I want to hear it him scream “T’infilo!” which is the Italian translation of Rain Man.”  Well no need to fret because Matteo Ottella has us covered.

Introducing: T’infilo! Kevin Durant ft. “Alla fine arriva Polly” (Translation: Rain Man! Kevin Durant featuring Along Came Polly)

One last thing.  This is Matteo’s YouTube Bio:

“I like do freestyle basketball with DA MOVE CREW and play computer.” 

Enjoy and please remember to shout T’infilo! in your next pick-up game.


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