NBA Writers Rejoice

lbj kawhi

June 5, 2014 – With the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat playing each other in the 2014 NBA Finals for the second straight year in a row, NBA writers and other members of the media are rejoicing.

“All I had to do was change the date and time of a column I wrote last year.” said Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.  “I’ve used this new-found free time to reconnect with my dad.”

ESPN’s Chris Broussard added “Its amazing! You just have to repeat words like ‘athleticism’ and ‘veterans’ and I did that last year so I am just catching up on ‘Game of Thrones’- its awesome.”

What is normally a very busy time for NBA writers has become a quasi-mini break.

“I’ve gotten really into the Japanese version of ‘Friends’, said ESPN’s Marc Stein, “Its called ‘America Hang Out Some Jewish’ and its wonderful! I just copy-and-pasted an article I wrote last year about how San Antonio and Miami are so different. Actually, I wrote it in 2011 when Dallas played Miami but last year I replaced ‘Dallas’ with ‘San Antonio’…..I wonder if Aiko and Haruki ever end up getting together.”

It is rare for NBA writers to take a break but most are finding it a nice respite as they gear for the finals. Here’s to Spurs vs Heat 2.0!

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