NBA Too Unrealistic for NBA2K


NBA2K  proclaims “real” NBA doesn’t make any sense and algorithms can’t handle this summer.


Novato, California- A spokesman at NBA2K  said in a statement released earlier today that this summer’s NBA free agency has broken the algorithms that help make NBA2K  so realistic.

“Nothing makes sense,” NBA2K’s director of marketing, Ronnie 2K said. “I mean LeBron going back to Cleveland was one thing. But Houston not taking the Parsons option and letting him go to Dallas is just crazy. The Jodie Meeks contract alone has broken our formula.”

2K  engineers are working hard to make NBA2K15 as “realistic” as this summer suggests it will be.

Ronnie 2K continued, “I mean Dirk taking 25 million over 3 years.. we don’t even know how to put that in the game. Paul Pierce is a Wizard?? Whatever.”

2K Sports is hoping to have the game ready by the October 1 release date.

Ronnie 2K went on, “We try to make this as real as possible but the NBA is making it really really  hard. Now Lance turned down 44 million from the Pacers and took 27 million from the Hornets?? Sure who cares.”


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