NBA Players and Ebay




It has been well documented that some NBA players have recently had financial difficulty. Some NBA players have turned to Ebay and Craiglist to sell some of their goods to pay off debts. Ballerball has compiled a list of current items being sold by former and current NBA players.



1.  Kenny Anderson

 Jungle 2 Jungle DVD — $7


“Great Condition. I already had the VHS so this is a double. Little dude is hilarious and also its really important not to get caught up in the game and remember family is important and sometimes what’s weird to us is normal to other people.”


2. Latrell Sprewell

Gold Baby — $8500


“Pretty good condition. I bought this Gold Baby after the birth of my first daughter to remind me that a child is worth her weight in gold. 14k made from Gold that used to be Church Artifacts.”


3.  Antoine Walker


 Scarface Dodge Charger —  $45,000


“SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! Ok its pretty big! GREAT condition! I am huge fan of Scarface and have seen most of the movie. I bought this after I was traded from Dallas to Atlanta to signify a new me, a rebirth. The world is mine!”


4. Derrick Coleman

 Autographed Chuck Liddell Picture from he was on “Entourage” — $120

“ICE MAN. The baddest dude on the baddest show ever! I met Chuck and the guy who played Turtle from Entourage at “Miss Monster Energy Drink Pageant” at the Palms Hotel in 2009 (we were the judges). Great dude! I had him sign this because it was the best episode of Entourage. Drama was so scared! Great condition!”


5. Allen Iverson

 Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Dress — $5.2 Million.

“Grace. Beauty. American Royalty. What else is there to say? Jackie was truly our first lady of Camelot and also Style! I bought this right before the 2001 NBA Finals when people thought us winning a game against the Lakers was a fairytale. Jackie is a real American Fairy Tale. Married September 12, 1953 at the tender age of 22 she had the poise and maturity of a woman twice her age.

She reminds me to love what I am doing and do what I love! We miss you Jackie!”


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