NBA Logos: Southeast Division


Ballerball continues its look at NBA Logos and what they say about the current state of their team.


The Southeast Division

The Miami Heat

heat 2


A weird flaming sperm with a halo around it? Why not? As long as The Heat are the returning champs, their logo could be Gilbert Godfrey in a diaper and it would be ok.


 The Washington Wizards


The Wizards have a timeless logo. A Santa Claus/Swastika whose torso is “W” who is surfing a moon. This is so out of left field that it perfectly represents the Wizards’ season. They are actually pretty good at the 6th seed. Its just like their fever dream of a logo – unexpected.


Charlotte Bobcats 


This poor cat is about to get put down in favor of a Hornet. Honestly I couldn’t have told you what the Bobcats’ logo was and I also couldn’t tell you how they were doing this season. Did you know they are currently in the playoffs? Did you know this was their logo? What a world we live in!


 Atlanta Hawks


I went to a Warriors/Hawks game last month and didn’t know most of their players. The Atlanta Hawks are like when you play in MyPlayer mode on 2k13 and its like 2021 season and its all computer generated players. That is what the current Hawks look like. A bunch of people I don’t know with like weird haircuts and forced tattoos. This Hawk looks like its shrugging as if to say “I’m sorry, will you take this basketball as an apology gift for such a bad season?”


Orlando Magic

orlando magic

What is it with Florida NBA logos being weird Sperms? Poor Magic. This is a logo of a magic ball falling back to Earth and that’s pretty much the Magic right now. In free fall – last place in one of the worst divisions in sports. At least Disney World is kind of close!

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