Being the most well respected NBA blog in the United States, we feel it’s our responsibility to give folks the inside scoop on some of the NBA’s best kept secrets. For example, were you aware that there are LIFE HACKS used by NBA players all the time? We texted a handful of NBA personalities to find out what sorts of LIFE HACKS they use. The results might surprise you. They might not. There’s really no way of knowing.


Dwight Howard

Life Hacks 1“You know that sticky doormat they make you wipe your feet on before checking into a game?  Well, hold on to your butts! Just before tipoff, walk up to the mat like normal. When you get there, act like you gotta tie your shoe. Say “AH MAN… I GOTTA TIE MY SHOE” out loud so people believe you. Then when you’re crouched over, place your hands on the mat.  Next thing you know, you got the stickiest hands on the court!  Talk about a rebounding edge!  LOLZ!”


Dirk Nowitzki

Life Hacks 2“I’m not necessarily proud of this but if you’re looking for a few more calls to go in your favor, roll around in grass before a game. You’ll suddenly be able to show the ref all the “red marks” your defender has been leaving on your arm. I figured this out when I was doing my daily training with Holger during his ‘rolling around in a field’ exercise.”


Kyle Lowry

Life Hacks 3“Life Hacks? Oh… I got one! This only works if you’re at home. During the tip, have everyone on your team and everyone in the arena lean towards the direction you want the ball to go. They gotta lean hard! The ref can’t help but favor your side during the toss. It’s like an optical illusion! The only ref this doesn’t work against is Joey Crawford – because he’s technically blind. Everyone else you should be good though.. You control the tip and control your own destiny. You’re welcome.”


Darren Collison

Life Hacks 7“This one is hella secret. You tell anyone this, I’ll break your neck. At the end of the game, go ahead and call a timeout. After you get back from the timeout, they just give you the ball at half court for free!  Who knew?”

Joakim Noah

Life Hacks 4“Holler ‘MAKE IT TAKE IT’ after you get a bucket and your opponent might instinctively give you the ball back without realizing. I do this to KG all the time and dude gets piiisssed.  He’s so easy!”


John Wall

Life Hacks 5

“Ready for some gold? Alright, sprinkle some pepper under your nose before going out on the court after a timeout. That’ll get me sneezin’ like crazy. Poor a little in your eye for extra redness and effect. Then say you just got back from volunteering at a clinic for NBA Cares in some foreign place like India or Madagascar or something. Your defender will give you all the space you need for you to BALL. Have fun wtih that lane, son!”


Gregg Popovich

Life Hacks 8“Fine. You need points at the end of the game after your opponent scores on you? Don’t call a timeout. The defense won’t be set. Apparently nobody is aware of this but me. Go f*** yourself”


Joel Embiid

Life Hacks 6

“Duuuude. Step one – be an NBA player. Step two – holler at Rihanna on Twitter. TRUST ME ON THIS




Disclaimer: This is fake. 


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