Gary Neal, Danny Green, and T-Mac – The New BIG 3

Tmac, neal, green


Gary Neal and Danny Green are surrounded by a barrage of reporters after the historic shooting night by both players in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. 


Reporter: Guys, what was your mentality going into Game 3?


Green: Well, we just knew if we needed to stay focused and play Spurs basketball.


Gary: Yeah, you know.  We just wanted to come out aggre….


(A voice interrupts from the back of the crowd.  It’s Tracy McGrady)


McGrady: Aggressive!   Hahaha Yes.


(McGrady pushes his way through the reporters until he reaches Neal and Green.  McGrady puts his arms around his fellow players.  Green and Neal are clearly uncomfortable.)


McGrady: Man.  That’s the thing when you’re in a BIG 3 like myself, Grady Neal and Daryl Green.  You start to finish each other’s sentences.  Haha!  Right boys?


Danny:  I’m Danny and his name is Gary.


McGrady: And I’m Tracy!  Hahaha.  These guys are great.  But seriously, we just want to thank God for allowing this BIG 3 to contribute to the team and get this important win.  At the end of the day it’s just 1 game but… that was one helluva game! Next Question!


Reporter 2:  Gary, this next question is for you.


McGrady:  Nice!  Gare!  NIIICE!!


Reporter 2: What would you say if I told you before this game that Tony Parker would only score 6 points and you guys would still beat Miami by over 20 points?


Gary: Uh… You know honestly, we like to play as a team.  We feel that when we do that, we can beat anyone.


McGrady: Exactly!  And if you happened to asked me that question I would have told you to shut your whore of a mouth!  Haha.  I’m kidding guys.  But yeah… we are a team.  A great team… with a great BIG 3.


Reporter 1: Danny, what do you th…


McGrady: AND honestly, I just can’t believe the 3 of us were able to step up while Tony dropped a duece on that court tonight.  We really carried our team in this one.


Danny:  Hey man, I don’t know if you should…


McGrady:  POP QUIZ EVERYONE!  Before the game I looked at these two guys in the eyes and said “This is our night!”  I got chills.


Gary:  How is that a pop quiz?


McGrady:  Haha!  Gare!  Yes.  This dude and his jokes.  Alright guys, seriously… that’s enough questions.  Come on, geez with this.  Let us breathe.  Right fellas!?


Reporter 3:  Tracy, one last question.


McGrady:  Of coarse!  UUUUGH!  THIS LIFE I CHOSE!  Alright shoot.


Reporter 3:  No disrespect, but both Neal and Green played very well tonight.  I’m not sure if the same can be said for you.  Why are you…


McGrady:  You know what, Cathy!  I don’t have time to teach you about what it means to be in the brotherhood of this BIG 3.  The three of us are connected in every way.  Both Gare and Daryl feel the same way.  We have a strong bond that lasts forever.


Reporter 3:  Is that true, Danny?


McGrady: Don’t answer that.  These reporters are trying to get under our skin and tear us apart.  WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?


Reporter 2: Uh… The Miami Herald.


McGrady: Miami?  These reporters are spies, sent to break up our BIG 3!  Not today!


McGrady takes a swing at Reporter 1.  He misses and hits his finger on reporter 1’s clipboard.  He demands immediate medical attention and is taken away on a stretcher.  His final request was is for Danny Green to avenge him.  

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