NBA Expert Bold Analysis – The Western Conference


With so many things to discuss in the vast NBA landscape, it’s tough to cover them all. In this feature, we ask an NBA expert a series of 5 questions about a particular subject to get some in depth analysis.

Today we look at the very deep, Western Conference.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We meant to turn this in yesterday but our expert didn’t answer the questions until early this morning. The reason is unknown, but we are grateful he has graced us with his analysis.*


Q: Who is the best team in the Western Conference this very moment?

Ah… that’s tricky. I’m going to have to say the Dallas Mavericks. When you look at the combined PER of the Mavs starters, you’ll find that at his very moment, the Mavs have 1 win and everyone else in the West has 0.

Q: Who is the worst team in the Western Conference this very moment?

That’s super tough, but I’m going to go with the Los Angeles Lakers. I’ve looked long and hard on the +/- of this Laker squad but the fact of the matter is, as it stands now, they have 1 loss while the rest of the teams in the West have 0.

Q: Which is the better LA team this very moment? The Lakers or Clippers?

You see that’s hard, but when I look at the USG (Usage Rate) and the TS% (True Shooting Percentage) of both benches, it is clear to see that, as of right now, The Clippers are better because they have 0 losses while the Lakers have 1.

Q: Who made out better in the James Harden trade?   OKC or Houston?

Hmm, that’s a thinker. We cannot know that at this moment. OKC has 0 wins while Houston has 0 wins. I’m developing a formula that should have an answer after November 28th.

Q: Is it possible to know who the best and worst teams are right now in the Western Conference?

Yeesh. What a doozy. Well, in the past, (as recently as yesterday) this was not possible. With statistics becoming more and more advanced, we are able to answer questions that we couldn’t before. For example: When you look at the the analytics, it’s safe to say that, in this moment on October 31 and no later, The Dallas Mavericks are better than The Lakers because of their REC (Record)

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