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Board of Governors Meeting

Next Sunday, the United Union of Comic Strip Workers will do a whole Sunday dedicated to the NBA. They have done this in the past after a National Tragedy or a time of a great celebration. This is the first time they have decided to do it for a sports league experiencing a relatively not exciting season.

“Marmaduke! Slow down! Don’t give him your bone- he’s just tanking so he can get a high draft pick because the NBA has incentivized losing and alienating fan bases! Marmaduke!!!”

“I remember when Bucks tickets used to be at least a buck!”

“You mean to tell me the only team with a Russian owner is the first team to employ an openly gay player? Uhhhhhhhh Nobody tell Putin!”

“You mean we didn’t trade Felton and then he gets busted on Gun Charges right after the trade deadline? Wake me in July!”

“Even though Westbrook has been injured most of the year, we haven’t amnestied Perkins and we traded away James Harden for essentially for nothing; for better or for worse we are still first in the West. Thank God for Durant.”

“Yes Honey…thank God for Durant.”

“For this season, ‘Fantasy Basketball’ should just change its name to ‘Managing Your Injured Reserved List.’”

“Oh great…you went from Boris Diaw 2014 Spurs to Boris Diaw 2006 Suns.”

“Come on Hobbes I know things aren’t great now but life is full of possibilities! We are going to draft Jabari and the Jazz will finally have a Mormon superstar! What a world!”

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