NBA Christmas Wish List


With Christmas being less than 3 weeks away, it’s time to once again remind ourselves that not everything in this season is about us. Gifts and decorations are wonderful, but we must remember to think of others’ wellbeing too, especially those in need. That’s why Ballerball is taking time to ask what NBA players desire this holiday season.


Rudy Gay (Tor, SF) – I need another Pop-A-Shot for my 2nd game room. DeRozan came over last week and shot a few on it so now I can’t use it anymore because I’m the only one allowed to shoot on it.


Jeremy Lin (Hou, PG) – I’d like the name on my jersey to be changed from just “Lin,” to “LINsane in the membrane.” People seemed to have forgotten about me since I left New York, and I want to remind them that I’m still alive. This is sure to be the best way to do it. Maybe I’ll finally get sponsored by a helmet brand too!


Anthony Davis (NO, C )– All I really want is for people to stop giving me wax strips and facial hair grooming kits for every holiday. I’ve made it very clear that I love my soon-to-be-goatee.


Brook & Robin Lopez (Bkn, C / Por, C) – We really want a “Funny or Die” video featuring us with the Morris twins from Phoenix. Being the only other twins people know about in the NBA (are there any others that would want to be in it too?), we think audiences would consider it a real hoot to see us finishing each others’ sentences and silly stuff like that. OR doing pretend mirror stuff where it looks like one of us is standing in front of a mirror, but really it’s just both of us doing the same gestures in a reflective way. Our humor is pretty advanced- maybe that’s too much for audiences. Still, we want that.


Jamal Crawford (LAC, PG) – I want a 1-on-1 game with Doc. Since he’s gotten to LA and started “coaching,” he never even acknowledges my presence. Every time I make a basket he says “who made that?” and just keeps pretending I’m not there. I can’t stand it.


Greivis Vasquez (Sac, PG) – I would love the “Friends” complete box set. I’m halfway through season 6 right now and the comedic relationship between Joey and Chandler is at an all-time high. And since I don’t really have/get to play anymore, I need something to fill in what used to be “practice time.”


Rudy Gay (Tor, SF) – Just a reminder, I really need that other Pop-A-Shot. If you want to go ahead and get me a couple extra too, that’d be Gucci. Peace.


Happy Holidays.

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