NBA Awards: 2013 MVP of Twitter – Part II


MVP Heading Part 2 IN DRAFTzzz

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  (Not really, since there are three people in the pic above and I’ve already talked about two of them. )

The NBA’s 2013 MVP on Twitter is…


1st Place: J.R. Smith

JR MVP of Twitter


Could there be anyone else though?


Whether you are digging through his late night back-and-forths with fans, or you are sorting through the (NSFW) list of people he follows – you can literally spend hours on JR Smith’s twitter page.

One could dig through the pyramids of King Tut’s alien brother’s tomb on Mars, and you still wouldn’t find as much gold as there is on JR Smith’s twitter page.   If you are even remotely interested in basketball, you’d be foolish not to follow this reckless and honest piece of online poetry.


Here is everything JR Smith’s Twitter account has to offer.



Humble honesty.

JR Duh


Heartfelt moments.

JR Long Distance Tweet


Excellent sports analysis.

JR Russ Tweet
You also get his…


Thoughts on women.  

JR Chix


JR Women Nuts




He teaches us how to…


Keep them in line.

JR Smith Women in line


While never compromising

JR Single Forever



and lastly…


Be cautious of hot women trying to Catfish you.

JR Catfish


If you follow JR, you’ll find that he…


Never sells out.

JR Energy


He really likes…

“Your mom”  insults.  

JR Your Mom

Fine television

JR Fuse


JR Skype



His dislikes are…


Complications involving passwords.

JR Password



Unattractive people


JR Ugly 1


JR Ugly 2


JR Ugly 3


So… what else?

JR Instagram Prize


That’s right.

JR uses Instagram to do things like…

Show respect to his head coach

JR Coach Tease



and again…


JR Coach Tease 2




I think we all remember what last year’s moment MVP moment was.  (A tweet costing him 25K from the league)


What about this year’s MVP moment for JR Smith?


Was it this?

JR Tweet Humphries


Oh no, friends.  He had one more precious moment up his sleeve.


First, after this screenshot leaked of JR Direct Messaging a girl…


Pipe 1


JR responds the way only JR can…

Absolutely perfectly.

Trying to get the pipe




So there you have it.  If you aren’t following JR Smith on twitter then go ask your parents why they raised you wrong.


As for J.R. Smith, since you are the first winner of the MVP of Twitter award – we will be officially be naming the trophy after you.

Presenting… The J.R. Smith Trophy

JR Smith Trophey


JR What


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