NBA Awards: 2013 MVP of Twitter – Part I


MVP Heading Part 2 IN DRAFT

While I was casting my vote for various NBA regular season awards like MVP, MIP, and 6th man, I realized that I should be focusing my attention on the issues that need addressing.  That’s why I am proud to present…

The 2013 MVP of Twitter Award.

After gathering all the extensive research I could get my hands on and polling everyone I know or have ever met, I’ve been able to narrow down and ultimately decide who is the MVP of Twitter.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done.  A few quick things first…

Rookie of the Year:  Kobe Bryant  – (#AmnestyThat could have been the only thing he tweeted, and he still would have won RoTY)

MVP Candidates that Missed the Cut:  JaVale McGee, Blake Griffin, Shane Battier, Delonte West, Brandon Rush.


And now the MVP candidates.


3rd Place: Tony Allen

Tony Allen



Tony Allen is a frequent tweeter, and that’s a big understatement.  I’m pretty sure that he’s tweeted more words than he’s actually spoken in the last year. In fact, the following tweets were only from the past month due to the massive volume of things he had to say.


Here’s what you get from Tony Allen’s Twitter…

Weather updates

Tony Allen Car Wash


Television tips

Tony Allen Duck

And how to love yourself… a lot

Tony Allen Love Yourself


Also… He loves exclamation points!!

Tony Allen HeadPhones

Tony Allen Breakfast

Tony Allen Know it


Further Proof: Here’s a regular tweet.

Tony Take off time

Not good enough.

One minute later…

Tony Allen Take off time


Solid year from Tony Allen.

Tony Allen Killin It



2nd Place: Pau Gasol 

Pau Gasol Cover

It’s not that Pau Gasol is positive on Twitter…

It’s that Pau Gasol is so positive that I can’t help but slap on a silly grin after  everything he tweets.  There has never been a more articulately positive person in Twitter history.  It’s actually a little refreshing with all the negativity out there, that someone refuses to even touch it.  It can get down right hilarious sometimes with how positive and robotic he is, but Pau looks at the bright side of everything.  I can dig that.

Here is what Pau Gasol’s Twitter feed has to offer.

Uplifting Attitude

Pau Gasol Positive

Pau Gasol Positive 2

Pau Gasol Positive 3

Pau Gasol Postive 4


Interests in:  


Pau Nirvana


Pau Gasol Book


Pau Gasol Monument


Best of all…

He tells you who the Lakers are playing  and gives his thoughts on each game. 

Pau Gasol Nightly Updates

He tweets the right way and he earns 2nd place in MVP votes.


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