Naters Gonna Nate

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks


My name is Nate Wolters & I would like to officially INTRODUCE MYSELF to the BASKETBALL WORLD.

I know that people look at me and DOUBT MY ABILITY. They QUESTION MY PLACE in THE NBA. Well, LET ME TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY to silence the doubters and put the questions to bed!!!

YES, I’m from St. Cloud, Minnesota and YES the second best basketball baller in St. Cloud history – BEHIND ME, OF COURSE – is a 42 year old dude named Todd who averaged 16 a game for Minnesota St. – Moorehead one year and now works as a hiring manager at Nationwide Insurance.

BUT I’m logging 31 minutes a night AS A ROOKIE. What can I say?? NATERS GONNA NATE!

YES, I did play college ball at South Dakota St., and YES, I am only the third player in Summit League history who could dunk AND make 3-pointers!

BUT I’m currently rocking a 14.93 PER and that’s ALMOST LEAGUE AVERAGE….What can I say?? NATERS GONNA NATE!

YES, my high school sweetheart and I DO kiss with the lights off. And yes my Mom DOES still buy me the whitey-tighties I wear DAILY.

BUT I rank 6TH AMONG POINT GUARDS in assist percentage…What can I say?? NATERS GONNA NATE!

YES, I DID have to ask a teammate if there were any songs I would know by the Notorious B.I.G. And YES, I HAVE been working some contacts in the Bucks ticketing office to score seats for Maroon 5 at The Bradley Center next spring.

BUT the Bucks announcing crew calls me “CRAFTY” like 11 times a night…What can I say?? NATERS GONNA NATE!

YES, I AM afraid of tattoo needles. And YES, I’M RARELY included in conversations on the team plane.

BUT Bleacher Report called me one of the EARLY SEASON’S TOP “PLEASANT SURPRISES”…. What can I say?? NATERS GONNA NATE!

YES, I AM going to Friday’s for dinner once I finish writing this letter. Because YES, Thai food DOES freak me out.

BUT I logged 40 minutes AS A STARTER against the Magic last night …. What can I say?? NATERS GONNA NATE!

Finally, YES, I DO look a little like Eminem! And YES, I DID borrow the format for this letter from his EPIC FINAL BATTLE AGAINST PAPA DOC IN 8 MILE.

BUT I’m living my dream…What can I say?? NATERS GONNA NATE!


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