MVP 5-vs-5: Anthony Davis

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The questions for today’s MVP discussion come from University of Kentucky coach John Calipari.

1. What’s the leading reason for Anthony Davis to be named NBA MVP this season?

Russell Westbrook: Dude’s a monster.

Anthony Davis: Well, Coach, I really appreciate the vote of confidence. I wish you guys luck in the Tournament.

James Harden: Did you ever recruit me? I can’t remember you ever recruiting me.

LeBron James: Where does Kevin Love have him on his ballot?

Stephen Curry: His offensive production keeps getting better and better. People talk about all the perimeter scorers we have in the League, but Anthony’s up to almost 25 per game. I don’t think people realize what a force he’s become, probably because of his market. 

2. Who would you name the MVP of Kentucky’s basketball program?

Russell Westbrook: What the hell can I do to not be on any more of these panels?

Anthony Davis: I don’t want to be rude, Coach, but I think we’re supposed to discuss the NBA MVP. Anyway, I’ll go with Karl-Anthony Towns. Gotta represent the big men.

James Harden: Seriously, I’ve been through all my file cabinets. I’ve looked in the Rejection Drawer and the Revenge Drawer. And I can’t find an old recruitment letter anywhere.

LeBron James: You’d have to ask Kevin Love. He handles all those decisions for Cleveland. The rest of us just take photos. 

Stephen Curry: I actually don’t watch much college ball. I have Arizona winning in my bracket.

3. If you had gone to Kentucky, how would doing so have helped your MVP campaign this season?

Russell Westbrook: Done.

Anthony Davis: Does that mean I would have gone to Kentucky twice? Would my second self have been on the team with my first self?

LeBron James: Kevin Love did not go to Kentucky, and he is not in this discussion.

James Harden: I don’t, John, why wasn’t I recruited to Kentucky.

Stephen Curry: Weren’t you coaching at Memphis when I was in school? Shouldn’t the question be how would Memphis have helped me? Or maybe it the question should be how Billy Gillespie or Tubby Smith would have helped me? Either way, go Davidson.

4. What college program has the most players in the NBA currently?

Russell Westbrook: Again, not doing it.

Anthony Davis: I’ll go with Kentucky. That’s what you want me to say, right Coach?

LeBron James: College is for the weak. Didn’t Kevin Love go to college? Not saying he’s weak, just that he’s a college boy. 

Stephen Curry: What if I told you I’m the only player from Davidson in the NBA?

5. What’s the most underrated attribute to Anthony Davis’ game?

Russell Westbrook: Shit! It’s definitely not his eyebrow.

Anthony Davis: I want to say leadership, but would a leader say that, Coach?

James Harden: Did Russell say something about the kid’s uni-brow? I bet Russ would totally steal a joke that was rightfully mine.

LeBron James: I’ve never heard anyone explicitly claim how much better than Kevin Love he is. I’m not saying it, but I’ve also never heard it. Hey, you guys want to form a boy band? We could put it on Instagram. Maybe call ourselves The King and the MVPs. Just an idea. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just photoshop you guys into this photo of me and Kevin.

Stephen Curry: I’ll end with how I started: his offensive game.

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