Mr. Parker’s “Drawllin”


You might see the word “Drawllin” a few places and wonder “I love drawings!  I’m going to click on that!”  You’ll probably  be initially disappointed by the lack of  hand drawn pictures.  That disappointment will leave your body and be replaced with joy because what you will find is emotional awesomeness mixed with ridiculous jokes and heartwarming stories.

In the same way Justin Vernon is Bon Iver, Tyler Parker is Drawllin.  (Both have beautiful falsettos)

Mr. Parker has the gift of story telling, and he has decided to share his gift with the world.  The world is better off for this.  I promise you.

Because of his love of basketball, there are varying degrees of it, inserted into  his stories.  Some of them are one liners and others are full on diaries of Shawn Kemp and his love struggles.

We’ll be sharing his articles that center around basketball but do not hesitate to read his other works.  Some of them will make you laugh… hard, and some will make you whimper like the girl that you are.

ESPN/TrueHoop columnist, Henry Abbott did  did a nice little write up about one of Tyler’s stories that can be seen below.

-Mr. Parker is heavily involved in the Chicago comedy scene.  You can see him perform at places like The Second City and The iO Theater.

So click any of the Drawllin links on the site to go directly to his blog or click right here

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