Movie Reviews by NBA Players – Novemeber 18th Edition

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The Thanksgiving holidays are upon us and for a lot of America, this is a great time to pack up the Honda Odyssey and take the family to go see a movie.   The question is, what movie should you see that would make the entire family happy?

Professional Basketball Players to the rescue!

Movie Reviews by NBA Players – November 18th Edition



Caron Butler – Los Angeles Clippers  #5 (SF)

We are starting short and sweet with this review.  Caron gives a very loaded 3 letter review.


Chase Budinger – Minnesota Timberwolves #10 (SF)

He clearly had a choice between seeing Skyfall and wait — NOT SEEING SKYFALL.  Luckly…

Great.  If you’re like me and want your movies to be entertaining, Chase has some good news for you.

Ryan Anderson – New Orleans Hornets #33 (PF)


Jeff Green – Boston Celtics #8 (PF)

I bet Jeff Green was going to give this movie a solid review – but felt that him being late would not have been a fair way to review a film.

Yeah that does suck, Jeff… for the ENTIRE rest of the theater who has the Power Forward sitting in the very first row.  I hope the biggest Jeff Green fan in the world was in that theater, right behind him and had this dialogue with himself.


Oh wow!  Jeff Green!  


I can’t believe he’s here to see and… hold on.  Wait…


Oh no.  No Jeff… don’t you do it.   Jeff why are you walking this way.  Jeff?  Jeff… no. 

So help me, if you sit there I’m gonna.  No.  No Jeff.  No. No….. No.  You better not… Damnit Jeff.   You actually sat in the front row.  I hate the Celtics. 

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I’d feel a lot better about the NBA if this section was blank.

Shawn Marion– Dallas Mavericks #0 (SF)

At first I was sensing some sarcasm with that winky face in the tweet.  Then I got to thinking about the fact that this guy tweets pictures of his socks almost every day — so I just don’t know.

Deandre Jordan– Los Angeles Clippers #6 (C)

Okay Clipper fans.  It’s just 1 guy from your team.  Everyone has that 1 guy who is just a little shameful.

Caron Butler – Los Angeles Clippers #5 (SF)

So no review here.  Just Caron confirming that Trey Thomkins, DeAndre Jordan, and Caron Butler did go to the Twilight… move premier.

At least there’s no photo evidence or anything ( Oh look. A link)

Trey Thompkins – Los Angeles Clippers #9 (PF)

Stop it.

Please let there be a picture of his daughters with him or something that gives good reason for him being there.  Just a solid family pic.

Yup.  That’s 100% Steve Urkel.

Well, The Chicago Tribune said “Kristen Stewart passes another micro-slab of dialogue like a kidney stone.”  Surely none of these players actually liked it.

Chin up Laker fans.  It may have been a rough start but at least you don’t have to live with your players going to see a Twilight Movie together.



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