Movie Reviews by NBA Players – November 5th Edition

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The NBA season is in full swing!

To celebrate we have a freshly mixed drink of movie reviews.

Not from us!  Oh no.  We are completely unqualified.  We leave the movie reviews to the experts… professional basketball players.

Movie Reviews by NBA Players — November 5th



Tobias Harris – Milwaukee Bucks #15 (SF):

Mr. Harris went into Flight with very high expectations, which can often lead to disappointment in movies, music, relationships…etc.

He also was “movie theater flow watching.”  We are hoping explains this at some point.  In the meantime, it appears he was not even remotely let down.

Wreck-It Ralph

Donte Greene – __________ #_ (SF/PF)

Donte hasn’t been picked up this season but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying fine cinema.  Mr. Green LOVED Wreck-It Ralph.  He looks like he’s ready to fight someone who questions his love for that movie, even though he gave it 4 out of 108 exclamation points.  (108 = characters he had left in that tweet.)

Cloud Atlas

Andre Iguodala – Denver Nuggets #9 (SG)

This seems a bit out there for Iggy but this guy is a cultured Olympic Gold Medalist.  He gives Cloud Atlas a solid “dope!”

It looks Iggy got some feedback from a fellow NBA player .

Evan Fournier – Denver Nuggets #94 (G)

So because Fournier didn’t see this movie with Iggy, he seems to think that he’s  missed his opportunity to ever see Cloud Atlas again… ever.

Iguodala is implying that Fournier had his chance.  This is getting interesting.

So Fournier and Iggy have clearly had a mix up and are handling it before our eyes.  Stand by.

Wait… what?  Fournier thinks Cloud Atlas is based on a true story?   Is Iggy messing with this guy?

Ok so this is clearly a huge misunderstanding.

Wait though –  Fournier wanted to see Cloud Atlas meaning that he’s surely seen a trailer or this picture, right?  How could he think it’s a true story?  Explain yourself, Evan.

Thanks Evan.

So we can walk away with 2 things from that review.

1. Iggy liked Cloud Atlas

2. Evan Fournier thinks Cloud Atlas happened and might need some help.


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