Movie Reviews by NBA Players – March 18th Edition

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Several weeks ago we had the Oscars.  Many folks out there use the Oscars as their movie compass, to guide them to the best movies that Hollywood has to offer.

Not me though. I prefer to use a different movie compass.  When I want to know which movies to watch, I turn to the real experts….

Professional Basketball Players.


Movie Reviews by NBA Players – March 18th Edition

Let’s get started…


Damien Lillard

Will someone help Damien, please.


A Good Day To Die Hard


Ronnie Brewer – Oklahoma City Thunder #8 (SF)


Brewer 1


Brewer 2


Awesome.  Great first review.  Not a ton to comment on.  Die Hard has action.  Write that down, in case you forget.


DeAndre 1


No, DeAndre.   I know you had a big day last week, but nobody has seen that movie.


Warm Bodies


Dante Cunningham – Minnesota Timberwolves #33 (PF)


Dante Cunningham


Another great very solid review.  We are great very glad that Dante gave his input.



DeAndre 2


That’s pretty old, DeAndre.  We are trying to stay current.


Jack the Giant Slayer


Travis Leslie – Utah Jazz #23 (PG)


Travis Leslie

I’m pretty sure Travis wasn’t paying attention to the movie.   It’s Jack The Giant Slayer – not Jack AND the Giant Slayer.  Travis, you do know that Jack was the giant slayer, right?  He didn’t call his pal Jonathan to come and be the giant slayer.  It was all Jack…  Jack the Giant Slayer.



DeAndre 3


Stop it, DeAndre.


The Last Exorcism 2


Patrick Patterson – Sacramento King #9 (PF)


Patrick Patterson


This is the best.  Patrick is PISSED that the demon won and even more PISSED that this is what the world has come to.  Look at his twitter avatar.  That’s the perfect face for this tweet. Can you picture him after the movie?

“What are you doing?  It’s time to leave.” says the wife/gf.

“So… that’s it, huh?  So that’s the new thing?  The demon just wins and everybody dies.  Real great, America.  Real freakin’ great!”

I love the Patrick Patterson that lives in my head.


DeAndre Jordan – Los Angeles Clippers #6 (C)

Yes!  DeAndre has seen a movie.

To recap… this is what DeAndre thought of the first Last Exorcism.


DeAndre 4


So… naturally he had to catch the sequel.


Let’s see what he thinks.


DeAndre 5


I immediately had no clue if “shiznit” was good or bad.  But Urban Dictionary informed me that “shiznit” means “that’s the sh**, isn’t it?”

Good enough for me!


Well I’m glad I now know which movies to see and which to avoid.

Anyone got anything else to say?


Deandre 6





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