Movie Reviews by NBA Players – January 15th, 2013 Edition

Movie Reviews January2

Movie Reviews January2

How bout’ those Golden Globes.  They were something else.

To the ritzy Hollywood type, I’m sure the Golden Globes are something that means a lot to them with their fancy dresses, fancy suits and fancy faces.

But to the common folk like you and I, they are just another show trying to tell me how to think.

No… I’ll be passing on your opinion of movies, Golden Globes.  I prefer my opinions to be based off of what the real experts tell me… the professional basketball players!

Movie Reviews by NBA Players – January 15th, 2013 Edition


Gangster Squad

Deandre Jordon – Los Angeles Clippers #6 (C)


Deandre Jordan


Gotta love Deandre kicking things off with a movie review that stays within the theme of the movie with “Sean Penn kills it.”  From what I hear, Sean Penn kills a lot of things in this movie – so I find this review to be appropriate.  Way to kill it Deandre!


Django Unchained


Pooh Jeter – Shandong Flaming Bulls (China) #15 (PG)


Pooh Jeter


Now Derek Jeter’s younger brother, Pooh – doesn’t play in the NBA but this review is just so good that I can’t leave it off.

He seems to be quoting the movie at first  – following it up with a confused “pause.”  Rounding the bases with telling us about the “sickness” of the title and bringing us home with a big, belly laugh.  Can’t beat that review.


Daequon Cook – Chicago Bulls #14 (SG)


Daequon Cook 1


This isn’t isn’t really a review as much as it is just an acknowledgement of a movie that peaks his interest.

Maybe the next Daequon tweet will give us a review…


Daequon Cook 2


Nope.  Just confirming that he still hasn’t seen the movie.  But believe us… he needs to ASAPRT.  For those unfamiliar with ASAPRT that means “As Soon As Possible Really Though.”

Maybe Daequon can call upon a trusty friend to help him with the review.  Has anyone seen Django?


JR Smith – New York Knicks #8 (SG)


JR Smith


Thanks, JR.


Zero Dark Thirty


Ronnie Brewer – New York Knicks #11 (SF)

Ronnie Brewer


What does “Nw” mean, Ronnie?  “No Way” – “Nice Watch” – “Niners Won!”  — What is it, Ronnie.

Will someone tell him that he has 140 characters to do this.  Next.


Andre Iguodala – Denver Nuggets #9 (SG)

This one has to be prefaced a little.  It all started with a tweet by a fellow named, Mike Hall.

Mike Hall


And then…

Andre Iguodala


Scary?  Is there some “Zero Dark Thirty” horror film that I don’t know anything about?

I like to think Iggy is sitting in his bed right now with a flashlight thinking Jessica Chastain is in his closet.

Speaking of scary…



Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’s Alexandra Daddario

texas chainsaw


Sometimes it’s just as important to review the acting in a movie.  Which is just what our next guest does…


Da’Sean Butler –  Former Player – (SF)

Da’Sean was drafted by Miami and played some in the D-League but his career has been flooded with injury.  He is hoping to make a come back

Who needs a comeback though – when you can review acting performances like this…


DaShean Butler


Top 5 of what, exactly?  Acting?  I’ll give you Jennifer Lawrence but Texas Chainsaw’s Alexandra Daddario?

Wait… unless he’s talking about… yeah.

I get it.  We are guys and we make lists.  But let’s just calm down and not do anything… strange


Dashawn 2


Goodness.  First, put the smiley face away.

And please don’t tell me @AADaddario is who I think it is…




Yup.  Direct contact was made.

That’s all for this week, folks.  Enjoy the movies with your families.

And remember, kids… if there is a pretty girl in that movie – you can probably solicit her on twitter.


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