Movie Reviews by NBA Players – December 3rd Edition

Movie Reviews

I was always told when I’m trying to say something very important, sometimes less is more.

The following movie reviews by professional basketball players back up the statement “less is more.”  These are short and to the point.  Let’s dive in for an abbreviated version of:

Movie Reviews by NBA Players – December 3rd Edition


Rise of the Guardians

Martell Webster – Washington Wizards #9 (SF)

This isn’t the first time Martell tweeted about taking his kids to see a kids movie.   It’s a very admirable thing — but “Epic?”   Sorry — “Freakin Epic?”  The man has strong praise for the film, so much so that he Instagramed a photo of a computer animated Justin Bieber in a blue hoodie.  That’s high priase, right there.

Life of Pi

Deandre Jordan – Los Angeles Clippers #6 (C)

Yes DeAndre, Life of Pi is something.  We are aware of it’s existence.

Did he see it?  Who knows.  Maybe he took the “Abbreviated Reviews” a little too seriously.  Either way that tweet managed to be RTed 33 times and Favorited 26 times.  1 of 2 things is happening here.  Either several people have some sort of telekinetic tweet connection with DeAndre that I don’t get or people just really like his acknowledgement of films.

I apologize that we didn’t get a positive or a negative review.  I’m pretty confident that that’ll be the most “WTF” review of this column.  Moving on…

Red Dawn

Dante’ Cunningham – Minnesota Timberwolves #33 (PF)

Do what, now?  Red Dawn is like what?  That? Or this?  Or… I’m confused Dante’. There is 5 exclamation points, which either means you hated it or loved it.  Dante’, I’m writing a dad-gum column here.  Offer some clarification, please.

Good, he tweeted exactly 2 minutes later.  Surely a follow-up to what the pronoun “that” meant.

What do you mean, “What?”?  What you, Dante’.  What YOU.

You know, Dante’ is being pretty vague.   He needs to some specificity in  his life.  Maybe I can find him and just ask him face to face.  Let’s check out his Twitter home page to see if he can tell me where he is.

Dante Cunningham

Too Vague, Dante’.  Much too vague.

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