The Chronicles of Redick has begun in Milwaukee and you’d think if there was a three that needed to be hit, they’d put their new toy to use. Nuh-uh. Who needs JJ anyhow?



They’re burning couches in the streets of Milwaukee tonight as they pray and offer up sacrifices to the man with the faintly whiskered chin, Monta Ellis. Complete pandemonium. The sky is falling. Well, maybe not. Maybe it was just a really good game winner against a playoff team and some people in Milwaukee leapt off their couches and barstools and sang the Laverne & Shirley theme song. Still, good stuff here.

Wait for the replay. First and first mostly, it’s hilarious and kind of question mark inducing the fact that Brandon Jennings couldn’t shake Lin on that last possession. Click clack, dude.

But please, just look at that fun shot. He tossed that in fading to his right, off one foot. It toilet bowls the rim, loving on every inch of it to let it know that it cares and respects it, nudges the backboard all coy and playful, then drops through the net. Cue up the thirty thousand oh no’s from the Rockets’ broadcast. Toast your Schlitzes and your New Glaruses, you crazy Wisconsinites.

While you do that the lights go out in Houston. We’re dark on the rock. Warren Moon weeps and you can’t find any good tacos in the city anymore. Jeff Bagwell punches a baby and Craig Biggio flips you off while simultaneously cutting you off on the highway. UGK pours one out for Omer Asik. Paul Wall, mouth looking something like a disco ball, hangs his head in shame and Drake will save no strippers tonight. They change the name of the song from Houstatlantavegas to Montatlantavegas.

Dance to the song, Monta. Dance to the song.

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