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Sometimes people send in pieces to Ballerball. We received one the other day from a basketball blogger and we decided to put it on the site. Enjoy.


Hey Basketball NERDS! My name is Garrett but my friends call me MJ Dunkz. I live in Scottsdale with my Mom and her boyfriend, Carlos; but I pay rent so its NOT like I live with my mom. You guys are probably wondering what I think about All Star Weekend and I am sorry for the delay; my lizard, Gordon Chameleon, got mono. NOT from me. From some weirdo wild lizard.

Alright lets get to my analysis!

When I watched the final 5 minutes of the Allstar game I was like…..

sabine 1

When I saw Durant try to go right at LeBron in the Allstar game I was like…

sabine 2

After the Dunk contest I was like….

sabine 3

When I heard Lebron’s NBA “NBA Mount Rushmore” I was all…

sabine 4

When I saw Kyrie Irving win the Allstar MVP I was like…

sabine 5

When I finished a whole 6 pack of Mike Hards Cranberry by myself and Carlos got mad at me I was like….

sabine 6

How I feel about the rest of the season…

sabine 7

Alright guys! That’s it for me! I got to take Carlos to the stupid Therapist! Until next time Basketball NERDS!

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