Mikhail Prokhorov & Jason Kidd Screenplay: Scene One

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Orlando Magic


“Jason,” the powerful, respnlendent owner of the  Brooklyn Nets boomed across the tastefully-guilded room “always good to see you. What can I do for you?”

“Other new coaches got more money, Michail. I need some of that.”

Prokhorov looked angry for a moment, but it passed. He had been in business a long time.

“Alright, Jason. Money is no object.”

“Oh, it is an object alright. An object I want more of.”

“I’ve already said yes.”

“I need more.”

“I’m listening, but…”

“I need to be made president.”

“Of the team? I don’t know if we can…”

“Of America.”


“I need the Iron Throne.”


“I need to be made King of Westeros.”

“Jason, that’s not a real place.”

“I need two dogs and a cat to make a long journey home, from where they got lost in the woods.”

“That’s the plot of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”.

“I need the power to shoot ice from my hands.”

“That’s Frozen…or, X-Men, maybe.”

“I want a coffee machine.”

“That’s…actually kind of reasonable.”

“It has to sense when my enemies enter the room, and bathe them in all-consumptive fire.”


“I need a small prison, specially equipped, for rookies,”


“I need to be able to murder a man—one man, but anyone I choose—in Russia”.

“Actually, I could probably make that happen, but I won’t.”

“I want to have my skeleton replaced with adamantium.”


“Instead of claws, though, I want it to come out in my hands like eating utensils, so I can chow down with comfort and style .”

“Jason, this isn’t working out.”

“That’s another thing. I want you not to have the power to fire me.”

“Please leave my office.”

“Valar Morghulis!”


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