Media Session with Kevin Durant

durant interview

Kevin Durant is doing a lot of amazing things and continued to do so last night in the Thunder’s defeat of the Portland Trailblazers.  We listened in as Durant discussed the win with the media.  Take a look.


Reporter 1: Kevin, what went through your mind when Kendrick Perkins took that shot?

Kevin Durant: “A lot of people I heard screaming no when he shot it but he had so much confidence in himself & we had confidence in him”

Reporter 2: Ok.  And what are your overall feelings towards Perkins?

Kevin Durant: “I’ll ride with Perk until the wheels fall off.”

Reporter 3: Haha

Kevin Durant: ….

Reporter 2: Oh god.  He’s serious.

Kevin Durant:…..

Reporter 3: Kevin, can I just confirm that when you say “Perk” you mean Perkins?

Kevin Durant: …..

Reporter 3: As in Kendrick Perkins?

Kevin Durant: ….

Reporter 1: Like, when you say “Perk” you mean the guy who’s wearing number 5 on your team?  I think he plays center.  You mean him?

Kevin Durant:

Reporter 2: (Gets photo out of briefcase) This guy is who you’re talking about?


Kevin Durant:

Reporter 3: Kevin, just to clarify. “Perk”, as in the guy who, as ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh puts it,

“Currently has more turnovers (53) than made baskets (48)…. fouls five times as often as he blocks a shot….. the Thunder are 9.2 points per 100 possessions worse with him on the floor, according to…. especially amazing considering he plays almost exclusively (683 of his 690 minutes) with Kevin Durant…. ranks last in Estimated Wins Added (minus-1.5) and second-to-last in WARP (minus-1.8)…. hard to imagine a player more unintentionally destructive.”

That’s the guy you mean when you say “Perk?”

Kevin Durant:

Reporter 1: Uh huh.  I just want to get the story right. When you say “Perk” you aren’t talking about someone else like Serge or something.  Do you mean Serge?  That kind of sounds like Perk, right?  They both kind of have that “errr” sound.  You mean Serge don’t you, Kevin?

Kevin Durant: ….

Reporter 2:  Actually, we should all write that down for future stuff.  “Perk” now means… “Serge.”  We’re all good, Kevin.  Actually, do you have a pen?

Kevin Durant: ….

Reporter 3: That’s fine.  Let’s all just put it in in our phones.

Kevin Durant: ….

Reporter 1: And I’m set.  Alright, until next game, guys.

Kevin Durant:

Reporter 3: Actually, let’s get out another picture, just to make sure…


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