Mavericks Hoping Adobe Photoshop Goes Unnoticed In Pitch to Carmelo Anthony


Mark Cuban’s  instincts have given him great success and even made him billions, but tasking head coach Rick Carlisle to use Adobe Photoshop wasn’t one of his best moments. Carlisle did what he could with the tools he was given: magic lasso, text box, line that can only point in one direction, rectangular box, and elliptical selection. Here’s how it went.

It starts off in much the same way…

planos 1

However, immediately something is off…

planos 2

We must be imagining things; this last bit was undeniably used in Howard’s pitch…

planos 3

This seems applicable to most professional athlete montages.

planos 4

Wait, what?

planos 5

Here’s where Carlisle hits his stride.

planos 6


planos 7


planos 8

Great headband work…text is on point…WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THAT BOX!?

planos 9


planos 10

planos 11

planos 12

Here’s to hoping the Dallas Mavericks can win the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes.



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