Lorde’s Basketball Tweets: The Cutting Room Floor


Last night Lorde went to the Bulls-Thunder game at the United Center. She live tweeted a couple very astute and accurate observations about the atmosphere and the experience. Some of the tweets she meant to send either wouldn’t post or she saved in her drafts in favor of the ones that went up. These are the tweets that were left on the cutting room floor. Some of them are bad and you can see why she didn’t post them. Others, though, are just complete gold. Not sure why they didn’t go up.


the young men in matching green costumes just do nothing while the older man in a suit screams instructions at them

the man in charge dresses differently than his workers do

the wooden floor sometimes makes a high pitched squeal noise when the young men move quickly it is like it cries

the cheerleaders have taken great care of their bodies it is like they are bendable structures i hope they are compensated fairly

during a break the big television in the sky showed couples on a kissing camera two men did not kiss even though they were on it

adams on thunder is from my country he falls down a lot

noah has nice hair i want to ask what he does to give it shine

number 0 for thunder mimes holstering pistols after long shot he does not care what people think

they are playing get lucky stuffed bull is dancing

the young men play so hard i am nervous i need to shut my eyes

during long break halfway through a woman in tiny red clothes spun many plates she is lovely

i think it is time i own a horse collison plays with great spirit

i feel as if i know nothing but watching is great fun some of the players try harder than others do

i have given no thought to how much harder sweat makes physical activity until now

i heard a rumor jewel was here is this true

some of the young men do not listen in the circle when the old man speaks to the seated young men they watch the big tv

the young men wear more clothes when they sit down on their break than they do while they play it is cold in here

they showed me golden basketballs in a glass case i want one for my home

they ask people to pay a lot for hot dogs

i am rooting for the bulls because i am their guest but durant is great fun to observe

my heart is going so fast this action does not stop they should pause for water

love is a funny thing i am a phoenix

my drummer has hands like an otters

the long shots are worth more why do they not practice them a lot and take them more than the short shots

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