Little Steven Supersonic and His Bicycle: Part 2 of 2

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The bicycle has been gone for seven months and Little Steven was still so mad. He had loved that bicycle and now Big Clay had it in Oklahoma City. Big Clay kept posting pictures of him and the bicycle on Facebook and all the pictures got so many likes and people started to talk about the bicycle like it was one the best in the country.

Little Steven became irate because that was his bicycle that was getting all the attention, and everyone thought that it was Big Clay’s. Little Steven began going on message boards and chat rooms on the Internet to insult Big Clay. The insults were venomous and constant. He would spend an hour in the morning insulting him, go to school, come home, and insult him more until he went to bed. He became so one tracked in his hateful mindset that he began to insult Big Clay’s friends. These friends didn’t have anything to do with Big Clay stealing the bicycle. They were just happy to have a nice bicycle in their neighborhood that they could see ridden around every now and again.

Little Steven would go onto Facebook and Twitter and call all of Big Clay’s friend’s liars and cheaters and buttheads. He told them he wished their parents were mean to them and that he hoped they never could eat ice cream ever again. He became entrenched in the idea that everyone who knew Big Clay was just as bad of a person as he was.

One day, while online, Little Steven went to eBay to look at the possibility of getting a laptop computer so he could more easily insult Big Clay and all of his friends while he was away from home. While he was on the site, he searched for a bicycle because he still missed his so much. One popped up that caught his attention.

It was gorgeous. Not as beautiful as his old bike, but still very good. It was purple and silver and there was a crown painted on the side of it. He emailed the seller about it. As they went back and forth, he learned that the person selling the bicycle did not actually own the bicycle. The person selling the bicycle was named Faloom. He had initially bought the bicycle for his little brother, Sam Sacramento. Sam Sacramento loved the bicycle and treated it even better than Little Steven had treated his old one. Sam Sacramento didn’t want Faloom to sell the bicycle, but Faloom did not care what Sam had to say. He only cared about money.

Faloom was bad and mean and openly admitted that he was having money problems and was selling the bicycle in hopes that it would help him financially. Faloom told Little Steven Supersonic that he knew his little brother Sam Sacramento would be extremely upset and inconsolable if he did lose his bicycle forever, but that didn’t bother Faloom. He wanted to buy a new X-Box and he was seventy-five dollars short.

“Money over everything,” Faloom told Little Steven.

Little Steven was in a pickle. He missed having a bicycle so much and he really liked what Faloom was selling. The problem was, the bicycle wasn’t Faloom’s to sell. It truly belonged to Sam Sacramento now and he remembered how much he had hurt when his bicycle was taken from him. But still, the purple and silver bicycle called to him daily.

Finally, the bicycle’s siren call became too much. He bid on the bicycle…and he won.

Instantly things started popping up all over message boards and Facebook and Twitter from Sam Sacramento and all of his friends and supporters. They were looking for help and they were trying to figure out a way to get enough money so Sam could keep his bicycle. They would not give up without a fight, they said. Some of Sam’s richer friends were trying to pool together their money so that Sam could keep his bike he loved so much. Alas, Little Steven’s heart was hardened. He did not care. He wanted a bicycle, and he didn’t care who he had to step on to get it. Faloom shipped the bike to him and instantly Little Steven painted it’s green and attached yellow spokes to it’s wheels.

But still, he felt empty. He knew that this bicycle was not truly his. It was Sam Sacramento’s. He had done the one thing that he swore he would never do. He had taken something someone else loved for his own when that someone had done all they could to try to keep it. He had hurt someone the same way he didn’t want to be hurt.

Now he rides his bicycle around the streets of Seattle with a hard, dead glare at those who speak to him. He is not who he was. He rides and rides and rides looking for answers…

Then he gets doored by an old lady in an Oldsmobile.

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