Let Bonner Shoot: The Interview




NBA All-Star Weekend is no longer upon us. It is here. It is in the Land Of Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones. And oh how the stars came out. LeBron James. Kevin Durant. Kobe Bryant. They’re all here, primed to display their talents and skills and pocket squares. But these men can take a backseat on Saturday night because the Toyota Center is about to be OWNED by The God King of Redness, Matt Bonner. That’s right. The #letbonnershoot movement was a success. They’re going to let him shoot and it is going to be FIRE.

The video here.


It’s an interview with Bonner. We didn’t have anything to do with it, but we wanted to share it because we think it’s funny. That’s Chicago improvisers Patrick Earls and Joey Romaine doing the interviewing. Anything that mentions Dieter from Laguna Beach and Bubba Sparks deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Also, Mike Jones requested we pass along his number. 281-330-8004. Hit Mike Jones up on the low cuz Mike Jones about to blow.

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