Gregg Pop

Ballerball has a source within the NSA that has leaked us what we believe to be a conversation between San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich and what we can only assume is his wife.   

Leaked NSA Surveillance of Gregg Popovich
August 11, 2010
14:25 P.M

Female Voice: Gregg what would you like for dinner?

Gregg Popovich: Next Question

Female Voice: Gregg just pick something. Thai? Italian?

Gregg Popovich: We’re hungry.

Female Voice: I’m getting fried chicken then from KFC.

Gregg Popovich: Got to get more buckets.

Female Voice: So you want chicken then? Crispy or original recipe?

Gregg Popovich: We have to make better decisions.

Female Voice: So a salad then? Sure. Do you want mash potatoes or home fries?

Gregg Popovich: Home is better.

Female Voice: Great. Did you see the photos of us from Jenny’s wedding?

Gregg Popovich: We looked tired out there.

Female Voice: Can’t you say anything nice?

Gregg Popovich: I thought we started out alright but then things slowed down. We need to try more.

Female Voice: You need to try more Gregg. The year is more than halfway done and I don’t see things getting any better.

Gregg Popovich: I expect a better effort in the second half.

Female Voice: So do I Gregg. What can I do to improve things? What can I do to make you happier?

Gregg Popovich: More ball movement.

Female Voice: Is that all you can think about?

Gregg Popovich: We have to move the ball better in the second half.

Female Voice: I can’t do this on my own.

Gregg Popovich: We have to play as a team if we have any hope of winning.

Female Voice: This isn’t a game, Gregg. This is a marriage. I’m not playing this game with you.

Gregg Popovich: We can’t play the way we did in the first half and hope to to win. We have to finish strong.

Female Voice: I love you Gregg. I’m sorry.

Gregg Popovich: We made a lot of mistakes out there. I expect a better effort from everyone.


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