League Pass Delusions : The Greatness of Kevin Seraphin


Isn’t Kevin Seraphin awesome?

Every time I watch the Wizards, he’s doing something sweet.

Grabbing that rebound, getting to the line. This guy is the real deal during mid 3rd-quarter blowouts and/or meltdowns for the Wizards.

Just to confirm my own keen scouting ability, I checked out Basketball Reference. And looky here:

  • 5.7 Defensive Rebounds per 36 minutes (hustle!)
  • .682 shooting between 3 and 10 feet (solid inside game!)
  • 0/0 from the 3-point line (good eye!)

It’s true, he does have a -2.2 BPM and a -.1 VORP.

I don’t know what that means. But I do know that when you multiply two negatives you get a positive. A positive for the Wizards season, that is.

And just look at this GIF!



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