Laughing At Donald Sterling Because Of How He Looks


Donald Sterling said some absolutely awful, abhorrent things recently. There’s not a chance in the world you need any recounting of them. You know what he’s said. It’s terrible. He should be punished severely. He shouldn’t be allowed to own a team. He should be banned from the league for life. He should also be laughed at.

Generally the spirit of Ballerball is a light one. Rarely do we try to get any kind of mean. We don’t wear it well and feel that vibe is better served at other sites who can walk that line. Today, though, there should be somewhat of an exception. Because Sterling isn’t a nice person, nor is he a good one. And sometimes bad people need to have a wave of laughter spilled out upon them.

What I realized in having to look at Sterling’s picture so much over the past few days, is that the guy’s not exactly good looking. He hasn’t aged well, and sometimes his clothing/accessory choices don’t really look that great on him. He’s ugly, I think is what I’m saying. I don’t like how he looks, so I’ve compiled several photos that he looks dumb in that we can all laugh at together.



What a fat, pink shirt. Like a deformed piece of gum someone ran over in a parking lot.  What a funny hand rest. What an incredible number of chins. Look, there’s even one on the side of his face.


Cool glasses, bro. Awesome. Did you take on those sideburns? What’s up with that hair color?  Are you farting right now?


This is a man yelling at a player that he pays. Check Baron Davis’ interview with Brian Koppelman to get insight into all the awful stuff Sterling said/did during his time with the Clips. That’s also an extremely ironic outfit.


Awesome face, man. Are you performing? Are you singing karaoke? Are you giving an announcement that you’re planning to undo yet another button? This outfit makes the most sense on you. Your wife’s hair looks like the unbrushed tail of a horse.


What is happening here? Is your mouth full of M&M’s? Why don’t you open your eyes more? And again with the chins. How can one man have so many chins?


Yo, for real. There’s nothing to like about this. I could know nothing about Sterling, look at this picture, and hate this man. What is going down with that hair, my man? And you really have to start considering what you’re putting people through when you refuse to button up the top half of your shirt. Also, your wife, the racist lady you cheated on that’s also sitting next to you, her jacket sucks. You guys spend so much money on your hair, don’t you?


Oh, man. Rough timing for you here, Don. Shouts out to the handicap sticker hanging from the rearview mirror. Shouts out to your, yet again, ironic outfit. Shouts out to that dumb face you’ve been forever captured as having made.

Donald Sterling, Smokey Robinson

And then this is gross. You’re blocking half of Smokey with that belly of yours.


There’s nothing to like about Sterling. He’s said and done awful things for years. When you take all that into account — the housing discrimination — plus get mad at your mistress for taking and posting this photo, then you deserve to have nice things taken from you. He shouldn’t own a team, but that isn’t some sort of warm, unique take on this whole thing. Hopefully Silver does what he should do. For now, let’s laugh at an idiot together.


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