Lance Demands His Own “Coming Home” Video

Lance Stephenson


As part of his contract negotiations with the Charlotte Hornets, new guard Lance Stephenson demanded his own tribute video set to Skylar Grey’s hit single, “Coming Home.”

“Why not?” Lance said. “Indiana gave me a video, so I asked all the other teams for one, too. The Charlotte Hornets are the team to receive my services, so I want a video.”

Why not, Lance? Why not? Well, Lance it’s just not any song or video. The song, which has been used in everything from high school graduation video to pampered cats pawing at their owners’ back doors, “Coming Home” is a popular choice for YouTube montages everywhere. With its slow build and soulful singing, it makes everyone cry about everything.

“A song with such an illustrious history is not something to take likely. We did consider it, but we felt like the situation didn’t warrant it right now since Lance isn’t from Charlotte nor is he returning back to Charlotte,” Charlotte GM Rich Cho said. “We’re confident Lance will still give us 100% on the court.”

Lance, however, isn’t easily deterred. He quickly noted that fans took to the Internet with their own “Coming Home” montages for superstar LeBron James’ return to Cleveland.

“I’m just as good as LeBron is,” Lance said. “I’ve really matured and can go ear-to-ear with anyone in this league. For that reason, I want a video with ‘Coming Home.’

For Lance, it’s just another slight in his career, another point where he’ll have to prove his detractors wrong.

“I didn’t get drafted until the second round. The Knicks passed on me. No one believe after I did that choking sign thing. Then I got in the rotation, put up the most triple-doubles, but still didn’t get an All-Star nod. I’ve reached a point in my career where I deserve this. I’ll show’em. I won’t stop until I get a ‘Coming Home’ tribute video.”

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